WOW! These guys are amazing!

Purchased a remodel in Fort Lauderdale Beach. Found out about these guys through my contractor. They work so hard!!! They are here working on the internal wiring for the house and when all the walls are back they will be here installing a full on Automation System! I can’t wait to start controlling my lights and shades from my iPad! I highly recommend this team they are punctual, professional and extremely savvy!

New in the area but glad to have found Home Entertainment Solutions.

Reliable is not even half of it…

Home Entertainment was doing an install in my apartment in south beach. The project was not very large but we were having some internet problems as well. The tech did an amazing job relocating our old equipment and connecting some new TV’s we purchased. However we needed to contact our cable company about the internet problems. As usual the cable guy was running late for our appointment and I had to run out. I called Home Entertainment Solutions and they sent someone over to meet with the cable guy, explain the problem and got them to FIX the problem I had been having for months. Meeting Home Entertainment Solutions was a “Score” for me. I have already recommended them to a couple of my neighbors. Great job Rui and team!

Resident – Ocean Drive, Miami, Beach

Very professional and neat!

These guys are the real deal. They know their stuff and produce quality work every time. I have used Home Entertainment Solutions for a few projects and would go to no one else. I always recommend them to friends that want the best in home audio, video and security. Keep up the good work Rui and crew.

Coco Plum Resident – Miami, FL

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