We provide the ultimate experience in home entertainment solutions. Our experienced and talented staff are specialists in Home Theater, Automation, Security (CCTV), Lighting / Shades Control, Networking and more for the residential and commercial consumer.

Based in Miami, we provide services to all of South Florida.

We are small and family owned. What does that mean to you? Because we are small we can give each project the attention and care it deserves. Each job is carefully planned, performed and executed under the direction, guidance and supervision of the company’s owner.

We take great pride in our work. And, we guarantee it – 100% satisfaction. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information or to schedule an estimate please call. Toll Free 866-777-HESI, Office 305-907-7079

TV Installation

We can seamlessly Install your TV in any location you choose in or outdoors! Your TV’s can be mounted on on various wall types with concealed wiring or placed tabletop hooked up and ready to go.

Home Automation Systems

We can build custom solutions that give you the power to automate everything in your home! Making yours a “smart home” all your switches, buttons, remotes and more controlled by the swipe or tap of a finger on your favorite tablet or hand-held device. Based on your home, your equipment and your needs our experts will design a Smart Home system just for you!

Security Systems

Security systems can provide you with peace of mind allowing you to view and protect your property while at home or away. Completely outfitted to meet your specific needs we can custom design a security camera/viewing system able to keep you and your loved ones feeling safe and secure. Our systems are planned and carefully positioned to obtain the optimal view giving you the best vantage point while checking your camera display or recordings. With our products you can view your cameras from your computer (any where you are), your home TV, smart phone or tablet.


Enjoy music all around your home. A multi-room audio system allows you to listen to different music in different rooms and at different volumes.

With multi-room audio, you make use of one set of source equipment all around the house.

Imagine listening to the news while you make dinner, background music in the lounge, or your favorite tunes on your balcony or terrace with friends.

Shades and Lighting Control

Control your home from any device. Our clients love the ability to create atmosphere with light and recall those presets, as desired. Some of our clients simply appreciate the ability to conserve energy by automatically switching off equipment that is not in use.

Imagine arriving home at night and triggering a path of lights from your smart phone through the hall and down to the kitchen without having to fight with light switches on the way!

In-wall Wiring

Rid your home of unwanted and unsightly electrical wiring! Our installations are neat and clean. We run all the wiring within your walls leaving a sleek, clean, professional look. We also do pre-wiring for all your audio and video, surveillance and network needs.

Home Networking

We provide “home” network phone systems. These custom systems provide you with the ultimate in phone technology. These intelligent phones can be custom programmed to reach or page you while away, serve as an answering/message service and more. In case of power outage or natural disaster these network phones can forward themselves keeping you and your contacts connected.

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